Timing & Scoring Explained (Important – Please Read)

OTH uses RFID “chip” timing. Through RFID Timing we can offer lap times, instant results, easy registration, etc. A few things you need to know:

  1. Results are posted initially for review and  final when posted after 5pm the day after the race.
  2. We score the race ONLY based on FINISH ORDER.
  3. Lap times are ONLY for YOUR benefit. Chips sometimes won’t read correctly. So lap times, and even overall time, may not represent the actual finish order.
  4. We have several back-up systems in place to determine finish order if one of your laps fails to read. That’s why it’s important to KEEP YOUR POSITION THROUGH THE FINISH CHUTE.
  5. Typically there are some changes after the race. People in the wrong class, etc. We will make those adjustments and repost the results (typically on Wed night).

Scoring is final the day after a race @ 5:00pm. To have us consider scoring discrepancies, please email us: Please Complete Scoring Question Form by Clicking Here. Series results are posted the night following race night, noting any changes.

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