General Rules

(Keep your number – it will be yours for the entire series)

  1. HAVE FUN!
  3. Only human-powered, non-motor assisted, traditional pedal bicycles will be scored in race classes (no E-bikes, or any other assisted bike).
  4. Racers must start in their CLASS (Class Codes are marked on the RIGHT calf).
  5. Racers must cross finish line with their bike.
  6. NO headphones, earphones, MP3 players, etc. are to be used anytime you are on the course.
  7. Short cuts result in disqualification.  If you leave the course, re-enter where you left.
  8. Racers must complete all laps for their category. Non-completion of all your laps is a DNF.
  9. Racers are permitted support. Racers may leave the course for repairs, but must return to exact location where they left.
  11. Over the Hump reserves the right to refuse entry to venue or race entry to anyone, for any reason.

How To Get Scored

We’re timing with RFID chips on your number plate; here’s what you need to know. Proper scoring is your responsibility (finish line, number plates, etc.)

You MUST do all of the following if you want to be scored.

  1. Register in the proper class – see the Class/Category list at registration.
  2. Your number plate attached to the FRONT of the bike – RIGHT SIDE UP – on TOP and on the OUTSIDE of all cables and brake lines. See examples below!
  3. Your number MUST be in plain view facing forward.
  4. DO NOT hang your hands over the number plate under the Start/Finish Arch.
  5. DO NOT go through the finish line if you are not finishing!
  6. After you cross the finish line STAY IN ORDER and exit the course at the marked exit.
  7. If you do not finish, start, or complete all your laps, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE FINISH LINE. You MUST sign the DNF Sheet at the Registration Table.
  8. KEEP FINISH AREA CLEAR. After crossing the Finish Line, exit the course at the marked exit.
  9. KEEP your number plate. It will be YOUR number plate for the entire season! If you lose your number plate you will need to purchase a new number plate ($5).

Correct way to mount your chip equipped number plate


Your number plate must be mounted on the front of your bike IN FRONT of all wires and cables with number facing forward and CLEARLY VISIBLE.

Proper plate installation

Nothing can be in front of your number plate or the chip will not read properly



You will be going under the Start/Finish arch each lap. This will give you lap times. After your last lap you will exit the course at the marked exit.

Chip Timing

Yes, we use chip timing at Over the Hump, along with Video Backup.


  1. No number plate with chip, no score.
  2. Number plate must be properly installed – see the ABOVE for instructions on how to properly install your plate.
  3. Absolutely no crossing through the Start/Finish arch area unless you are racing (during practice, prior to the race, is OK).
  4. NO bikes in or near the Scoring/Timing area or timing arch unless directed.
  5. Sportsmanship & Conduct: Foul riding, use of profane language towards other riders, and other unsportsmanlike behavior is prohibited. The penalty imposed is at the discretion of the Race Director.
  6. Racer protests must be filed in writing with the race director, within 15 minutes of completing the race.  This is a FUN race: disputes will be handled fairly with involved parties, ultimate decision will be by the Race Director. If you need to request review of posted results that may be done here NO LATER THAN 5PM THE DAY FOLLOWING THE RACE YOU ARE REQUESTING REVIEW.


Important Race Day information! Click Here

Category (Class) Descriptions:

Click here to see class page

Category Number System

We use numbers for series points. You will have the same number for the entire series. KEEP THIS NUMBER.

Lost number plates are $5 and can only be issued by OTH (no homemade number plates!).

Scoring and Points

  1. All scores are FINAL after the officials review the scores and race outcome is determined. Racer will receive points in their race class. (Note: there are sometimes changes in finishes determined by official review the day after the race…review time is allowed until 5pm the day after the race in most cases unless stated on awards night, etc). Any scoring changes reflected on the website are the official results.
  2. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by: the most firsts, then seconds, then thirds, etc.
  3. If you change classes you will not be able to add your series points for both races, and will only be scored in each category raced.
  4. Racers who move up a class keep 1/2 points scored from lower class.

FOR 2021 ALL RACERS  SERIES POINTS ARE CALCULATED = best 6 out of 8 races scored

Individual Race points.

Racer’s worst scores will automatically be dropped if more than the minimum number or races are completed.

Here’s how individual scores will tabulate? 


Finish Order in Each Class OTH 3.0 (Points for finish order)
1st 500
2nd 450
3rd 420
4th 400
5th 390
6th 380
7th 370
8th 360
9th 350
10th 340
11th 330
12th 320
13th 310
14th 300
15th 290
16th 280
17th 270
18th 260
19th 250
20th 240
21st 230
22nd 220
23rd 210
24th 200
25th 190
26th 180
27th 170
28th 160
29th 150
30th 145
31st 140
32nd 135
33rd 130
34th 125
35th 120
36th 115
37th 110
38th 105
39th 100
40th 95
41st 90
42nd 85
43rd 80
44th 75
45th 70
46th 65
47th 60
48th 55
49th 50
50th 49
51st 48
52nd 47
53rd 46
54th 45
55th 44
56th 43
57th 42
58th 41
59th 40
60th 39
61st 38
62nd 37
63rd 36
64th 35
65th 34
66th 33
67th 32
68th 31
69th 30
70th 29
71st 28
72nd 27
73rd 26
74th 25
75th 24
76th 23
77th 22
78th 21
79th 20
80th 19
81st 18
82nd 17
83rd 16
84th 15
85th 14
86th 13
87th 12
88th 11
89th 10
90th 9
91st 8
92nd 7
93rd 6
94th 5
95th 4
96th 3
97th 2
98th 2
99th 2
100th 2

Come join us and let’s get after the fun of 2019.

Team Scoring is different

In the Over the Hump team competition your finish order is how we score, and the more racers you have, the more points you can score up to 10. (See team competition rules for SMALL TEAMS & LARGE TEAMS).

Get Team Rules