Have You Joined the OTH Team Competition?

OTH Team Competition makes racing Over the Hump even more engaging.
It's easy to create or join a team, and makes for some off-the-charts banter and motivation all season long.

How do I join or create a team?

1. Designate a Team Captain
2. Have all of your teammates register for OTH (One race is all that’s needed to join a team)
3. Click the button below
4. Have your Team Captain create a team
5. Have all of your team members join the team

*If you’ve already registered: email us to create a team, or add you to a team at

How do I join or create a team?

    • Team Competition will be scored on the Best 6 of 8 races
    • A team is comprised of any combination of racers across one or more classes (Beginner, Sport, Elite, Men, Women, Juniors etc.)
    • Team Size will be classified as Small or Large
      • Small: 9 Racers or less
      • Large: 10 Racers or more
      • Size is determined based on the number of registered members
    • Points are the sum of the individual racers for the top scoring racers plus bonus points:
      • Small Teams score their Top 4 Racers
      • Large Teams score their Top 8 Racers
      • 10 Bonus Points are awarded for each racer up to 100 bonus points per team.
      • Minimum of TWO (2) Team Members must race to be scored.
    • New racers may join a team mid-season provided there is room on that team.
    • Racers shall not change teams.
    • Teams size will be determined by the size of on team at race start on January 9