Who’s Moving Up A Class?

Congratulations! You rock & roll fast. Yes this is for you (all OTH racers). Wonder if it’s time for your to move up to the next class? Of course this is a fun event, but it’s competitive too, so in keeping the playing field fair equal, here’s the guidelines for moving up a class.

STEP 1: Ask yourself: “SELF, AM I A BEGINNER?”
Webster definition: be·gin·ner : 1) a person who is beginning something or doing something for the first time :  2) one that begins something; especially :  an inexperienced person


  • You finished on the podium last year (top 3 series finishers are moving up)
  • You finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 2 or more races in your class last year
  • Were you consistently in the top 10 of your class or get a top 30% “OTH Winner” Pint glass more time than not
  • You’ve seen a marked improvement in your efforts of the off season, or need a rabbit to chase.
  • Come on, who are you kidding, it’s a tight, good community….but we still get emails from some of your friends saying “Dumphey is a Sandbagger”. Save us the minutia…please.
  • If you’ve ever held a pro USA Cycling license you better be pushing 50 pounds over your previous race weight to roll below “Elite”

We appreciate your help keeping OTH fun for everyone. The only way for newcomers to have the same thrill you have, is if they are able to compete at a level that’s appropriate for them. In other words you moving up, helps keep Beginner truly beginner racers and keep Sport truly sport.

For class descriptions and details visit: OTH Class page