Dude… Its August already – racer photos and recap – race 9

This week we had an opportunity to send our regular announcer (and Co-Founder), Matt Wenger on vacation!  Matt and family took off, and headed south east to the tropics.  So this week we had John Simanovich from Transworld Motocross on the mic.  Huge thanks to John for stepping up and giving Matt an opportunity to unwind.  You did an awesome job!


Two Wheels One Planet was our featured shop for the night with some cool activities and giveaways for all of you Humpers.  Live, Love, Ride.


The NEW Intermediate Category continues to impress with some good, friendly competition!  Shoutout to all the racers that did the right thing and bumped themselves up.

PB Creative’s hard working photographer, Phillip Beckman captured the action on race night and has photos available for you to purchase.




  • By patrick - on Reply

    Just a little tip, while the music is RAD and we love having it, a lot of us think its TOO loud…and I am a rocker! The balance between the announcer and the music needs a little more blending, at least the other night the guy on the mic was turned up way too loud compared to the music….if you can run the speakers that face away from the expo area louder and the speakers facing the expo just a bit lower I think the riders would really appreciate it. Makes it easier to shoot the shit after the race and not feel like we have to shout and would help the friends and family who wander away from the start/finish area be able to better hear what’s happening….I am sure its a delicate balance…more people=more volume, less riders=less volume…all in all, another great night this week! Keep up the good work!

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