Announcing the 2014 Graduating Class!

Your Mom and Dad are proud of you…and so are we. Many racers over the past couple of years have really distinguished themselves by their accomplishments on and off the bike.

So… we’re graduating a whole slew of racers to the next class up.  That’s a real accomplishment. Really we all aim to get better, and you have. Congratulations.

Because at the Heart of Over the Hump, our goal is to keep the newly or uninitiated racers having a place to race; where there has not been one before. OTH is unique in that it has been engineered to accomomdate new racers, and non-racer/enthusiasts. One of the ways we do this is by helping accomplished racers move up through the ranks…creating space and making the opportunity for previous racers the opportunity to push themselves and raise the bar on their own accomplishments.

As you have experienced, every baby step can at times feel like walking on the moon. High School to College, Single to Married, or tycoon to Elite Bike Rider by day (or garage trainer at night)….each step forward can create that unsettling feeling of stomach acid churning in the middle of the unknown. That said every change in life leads to a step of growth. This year, over 60 racer, more than 10% of OTH Racers are graduating to a faster class, which makes room for the class below them to move up and be competitive, based on the below moves.

You get to grow, get faster and push yourself in a whole new class. You get to become a better athlete, a more experienced racer, heck you’ve earned the next Tae Kwan Do belt of OTH. AWESOME!

Based on amazing accomplishments and outstanding performance, in the “Discipline of Bike Race and Two Wheeled Fun”, we’d like to announce the graduating classes of 2014.

Click here to see listings of the 2014 Graduates in each class.

Based on amazing accomplishments and outstanding performance, in the “Discipline of Bike Race and Two Wheeled Fun”, we’d like to announce the graduating classes of 2014/2014. 

Our graduates are:

Beginner Men 24 (24-) Graduates to Sport 29
Pos Bib Name Sponsor Age
1 454  Corey Diez  Empire Bikes 22
2 537  Zach Rusich 16
3 257  Konstantin Budnikov  thinkASG/TWOP 22
4 387  Corey Adams 17
5 241  Nick Penrose
Beginner Men 29 (25-29) Graduates to Sport 29
1 379  Scott Burtness  Kawasaki 26
2 254  Kevin Heiner  thinkASG/TWOP 29
3 266  Cesar Ruiz 28
4 264  Ryan Cavalieri 27
5 358  Travis Griffitts  WIN-TEAM Racing 27
6 647  Jordan Powell  Surf City Cyclery
Beginner Men 34 (30-34) Graduates to Sport 39
1 490  Sam Wiernucki  Redzone Racing 31
2 175  Abraham Rodriguez  RokForm 32
3 388  Dusty Woodard  thinkASG/TWOP 30
4 663  Whit Batchelor 33
5 221  Daniel Evans  Fullerton Bicycles 34
6 553  Travis Smith  Atomic Performance
7 412  Brent Harden 30
8 505  Dan Quick  Specialized 33
9 388  Dusty Woodard  thinkASG/TWOP 30
10 260  Ryan Forest  Linked Cycling 29
Beginner Men 39 (35-39) Graduates to Sport 39
1 504  Katz Abe
2 226  Wes Hale  Team White Tortilla 37
3 385  Rafael Vargas  Empire Bikes 37
4 746  Paul Wolsey 35
5 287  Patrick L Nguyen 38
6 677  Jeff Schwartzman  Shocks and Awe 39
7 416  Jared Fisher 35
8 677  Jeff Schwartzman  Shocks and Awe 39
9 130  Paul Bennett  Pure Racing
Beginner Men 44 (40-44) Graduates to Sport 49
1 354  Mike Askin 42
2 105  Jack Chou  RokForm 40
3 565  Mike Emerson  Troy Lee Designs 41
4 429  Scott Hannah  Redline Studios 43
5 584  Michael Maeda 43
6 394  Bret Bowen 40
7 363  Jason Findahl 40
8 179  Jeff Laubscher 41
9 720  Dave Leary  Empire Bikes 44
Beginner Men 49 (45-49) Graduates to Sport49
1 687  Scot Grierson  RokForm 49
2 306  Steve Walton  Fullerton Bikes 46
3 258  Greg Lasiewski  Kawasaki/Fox/Spy 46
4 573  Barry Kyler 45
5 169  Randy Schwarz  Blue Park Crew 46
6 808  Darrin Edwards 48
7 391  Randy Pinkerton 48
8 470  Robert Sima  Fullerton Bikes 48
9 451  Steve Rounds  Mountain Bike Mafia/The Path 46
10 447  Ronald Estrada 46
Beginner Men 50 (50+) Graduates to Sport 50+
1 704  Todd Hunsaker 50
2 615  Paul Buckland  Rock N Road/Crankbrothers 51
3 305  John Hunt 54
4 742  Mark Hinds  WIN-TEAM Racing 54
5 463  David Matea  Velo Allegr
6 496  Sidney Harris  thinkASG/TWOP
Beginner Women Graduates to Sport Women
1 177  Erin Colshan  Fullerton Bikes/Crankbrothers 27
2 339  Michelle Pacetti  Foothill Dirt/The Path Bike Shop 16
3 556  Jennifer Walsh  thinkASG/TWOP 30
4 519  Amy Rambacher  SoCal Endurance Ladies Team 33
5 293  Taffy Eitman  Pure Racing/Liv/Giant 39
6 485  Vanessa Elfend  Knobbe Martens IP Law 30
Sport 1 Men (29-) Graduates to Super Sport 44-
1 375  Ama Nsek 14
2 397  Jeremy Kneisly  TLD :: The Path 28
3 650  Ben Bennett  Foothill Dirt/The Path Bike Shop 16
4 361  Charles Ridal  Buena Park Bikes 27
5 398  Chris Taylor  The Path Bike Shop 16
6 403  Patrick Bleckert 27
7 457  Mike Vakula  Chips/Pizza/Cookies/Coffee
Sport 2 Men (30-39) Graduates to Super Sport 44-
1 526  Chris Kutzmarski 33
2 176  Adrian Osuna  Hoppy Trails 33
3 402  Kristofer Stewart  RokForm 38
Sport 3 Men (40-49) Graduates to Super Sport 44- & 45+
1 807  Thomas Teger  KeyShot 47
2 315  Rhio Griego  HSU Racing/MMI Stunts 43
3 431  Steve Horvath  Velo Allegro/Oakley 44
4 111  John Potts  Team Toyota/B4B/Oakley/RokForm 43
5 285  Mark Woodward  Mach 5 Racing 44
6 754  Charles Stephens  Stage21/Cannondale 43
Sport 4 Men (50+) Graduates to Super Sport 44+
1 492  Mike Okano  Simple Green/Cannondale/Stage2 55
2 274  Mark Christopherson  RokForm 56
3 473  Jeff Ward  Surf City Cyclery 52
4 785  Eric Gier  Team Velocity 51
5 662  Ross Bennett  Foothill Dirt/The Path Bike Shop
6 590  Glen Wells  Canyon Velo
Sport Women Graduates to Elite Women
1 567  Christine Pai  G2 Bike 28
2 230  Hannah Binder  Canari Navy Cycling 16
3 440  Xylena Hoppen  El Toro High School
SuperSport Masters Men (45+) Graduates to Elite 45+
1 607  Scott Raymond  BBI-SIC 49
2 798  Theodore Posch Jr  Fullerton Bikes/Giant Bicycle 47
3 400  Frank Schroeder  BBI-SIC 52
4 642  Garry Summers  BBI-SIC 48
5 302  Doug Farnham

REGARDING CLASS REVIEWS: There will be very few reviews of the movements in each class. Some racers may be right on the fringe of a possible move, and based on our selection criteria, and objective class delineators they have currently been left in their existing class; that does not mean that throughout the season, they cannot be moved in the future.   If they perform outside of that class’s definition they may be asked to reclassify themselves.

For those of you who already asked to move after race 1 or 2, thank you, and congratuations. This list is not exhaustive but is our best attempt at keeping the classes even and competitive within the current race community.

If you feel you’ve been unjustifiably identified to move; and remember Over the Hump is fun, not your how you make your living (we hope), you may request a review. We won’t review all the requests, it would just take too long. We will read each, however.  We will respond only to ligitimate reasoning, submitted in the spirit of Over the Hump, as well framed and objective reasons for why you feel you fall in a different category. You may email your request to

Thanks and see you this next week.


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