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Since 2016, Mazda has been partnering with us as the Presenting Sponsor of Over the Hump and, while we have tons of friends at Mazda who ride bikes, that is not the reason we partner together. Mazda shares our passion for the ride, whether on a bike or in a car, the joyful feeling of motion and being radically human is what drives Mazda and OTH. We couldn’t do OTH the OTH way without the top-level commitment of Mazda.

The Power of Human Potential

At the foundation of everything Mazda does, lies one very simple thought: “Radically Human.” It is a value by which they do business and, in a time where automation is becoming more prevalent, they put human beings at the center of everything they do.

Their story is about the energy, life, and passion of their craftsmen put into designing their vehicles; and the energy, life, and passion you feel when you drive them. Mazda works to move your emotions, to inspire, uplift, energize, and enrich your everyday life in motion. When a Mazda is built, every detail is designed to move you.

It Begins with the Senses

Just like your ride begins the moment you see your bike awaiting your adventure, Mazda believes your driving experience begins the moment you set eyes on your car.


 Every nuance of a Mazda’s design is crafted to activate your senses through what you see, what you hear, and what you feel – to elevate every drive.

KODO: “Soul of Motion”

Creating a sense of motion, even at a standstill—That’s the essence of Mazda’s KODO: “Soul of Motion” design philosophy. Automation is becoming more prevalent, they put human beings at the center of everything they do.

It allows designers to imbue each model with its own personality while staying true to a unifying theme. Cars are our canvas, and every one we make begs to be driven. We’re honored that drivers are so happy to oblige.

Mazda CX-50

Sometimes all it takes to set off on your next excursion is an invitation. The CX-50 has been thoughtfully designed to inspire you to go into nature freely. Rugged capabilities are fused with artful composition.

Mazda CX-90

The 3-row Mazda CX-90 is built with you, your passengers, and your journeys in mind—bringing utility, design, and technology together to elevate every moment

Mazda Employees share why they love and ride Over the Hump.


The Mazda Connection with Bikes and Over the Hump is deep. We know you'll appreciate the design, feel and performance they deliver...we do.



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