2010 Results

The 2010 Over the Hump Race Series began on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

-Results updated on 8/31 @ 11:15pm via Verizon Wireless netbook!

*A NOTE ON SCORING:  We try extremely hard to get results up right after the race, however there are invariably some minor changes the next day.  It’s common that a few racers accidentally put the wrong race class, or wrong bib number, or finished a lap early and don’t tell the scorers that they should be DNF,  etc.  We typically don’t hear about all of them until the day after the race.  So,  the results posted late Wednesday afternoon, are usually the true results.
Double check your results. Occasionally our scoring system might recognize you as two separate participants if there was a typo on your name or birth date.  If you see a discrepancy please contact us to fix it.

2009 Results

2009 was a great kick off to the Over the Hump Race Series.  Thanks to all of you who came out to be a part of our inaugural season.    The 2009 results are still available here:

2009 Official Race Results (click here)