2009 Results

2009 Official race results will be posted below.

2009 was a great kick off to Over the Hump Race Series.  Thanks to all of you who came out to be a part of Over the Hump Series.    2009 results are here:

1st Race Results: August 26, 2009

2nd Race Results: September 15, 2009 – Results for Yesterday’s race are up!

2009 Over the Hump Series Winners-Race Series Results below:

Men’s Expert

Men’s Sport 1

Men’s Sport 2

Men’s Sport 3

Men’s Sport 4

Men’s Beginner 1

Men’s Beginner 2

Men’s Beginner 3

Men’s Beginner 4

Women’s Expert

Women’s Sport

Women’s Beginner

Men’s Juniors

Women’s Juniors

Thank you for supporting Over the Hump. We appreciated your words of encouragement, and great constructive feedback that has made Over the Hump #2 even better than the first.  Stay up to date with our newsletter, and next race dates and Over the Hump Events in 2010.  Visit the Home Page to join the e-newsletter.