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Timing & Scoring Explained (Important - Please Read)

For 2012 OTH moved to RFID timing. It’s a great system for a number of reasons. We can offer lap times, instant results, easy registration, etc. A few things you need to know:
  1. We score the race ONLY based on FINISH ORDER.
  2. Lap times are ONLY for YOUR benefit. RFID is a great system, but there are occasions when a chip won’t read correctly. It’s just the nature of RFID. So the lap times, and even overall time may not represent the actual finish order.
  3. We have several back-up systems in place to determine finish order if one of your laps fails to read. That’s why it’s important to KEEP YOUR POSITION THROUGH THE FINISH CHUTE.
  4. Typically there are some changes after the race. People in the wrong class, etc. We will make those adjustments and repost the results (typically on Wed night).
If you have a scoring issue, please email us: info@overthehumpseries.com Thanks for racing with us.

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Series Standings*



We try extremely hard to get results up right after the race, however there are inevitably some minor changes the next day. It’s common that a few racers accidentally put the wrong race class,  wrong bib number, or finished a lap early and don’t tell the scorers that they should be a DNF, etc. We typically don’t hear about all of them until the day after the race. So, the series results are posted late Wednesday afternoon, are usually the true results. ALSO: Please double check your results. Occasionally our scoring system might recognize you as two separate participants if there was a typo on your name or birth date.  If you see a discrepancy please contact us to fix it.


Series standings will take the best 9 out of 12 races. That means we will drop your worst 3 finishes overall. This also means that there can be large swings in points week to week as people race more races or miss a race here and there. So if you fall in the standings there is a good chance you will be able to climb back up. IMPORTANT: Series Report shows all race finishes, but ONLY calculates top 9. ** Major prizes for top series finishers. **
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