Beginner Ride A Long is Back Tuesday

So What happens Tuesday?

Beginners and Juniors, a select few of you, will be given the opportunity to have an Elite racer race alongside you. You’ll get during race coaching, encouragement, and the opportunity to meet someone who once was a beginner, now turned seasoned racer.

Beginner Ride A Long –

Beginners and Elite Racers will be paired for the main event, onsite.  Two ways to make this happen:

Show up, line up, and when we run out of Mentors we’re done…and ready to race.
If you are a beginner, and know an Elite Racer you’d like to pair with, just come to the Pairing Coral together […] Read more



Wahoo’s Fish Taco will add one OTH photo to the “Walls of Fame” each week this summer.


Here are the rules:

Buy a photo from one of our featured photographers this season
share an unwatermarked photo on instagram for the weekly Wahoo’s photo contest.
Simply share your unwatermarked photo to Instagram Tuesday and Friday of the current week’s race
Post must Include hashtags “#wahoosfishtaco #raceoth” to enter.

** A winner will be selected to place their signed & framed photo in the Wahoo’s nearest their home!

[…] Read more