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SALE on T-Shirts + Socks and Over the Hump Jerseys

Buy an Event T-Shirt and Get Free Socks! PLUS Select Size Medium and Small Jerseys are only $39 ($20 Off)


Over The Hump Series Online Registration – 6 Pack Offer

The “Six pack” is back!

Register for the last six races and you:

-Get a free pair of OTH Socks
-Register once for the rest of the season
-Can buy a jersey for $49 (instead of $59) *During registration only.
-You’ll need to check-in on the first race (july 23), but after that, just show up and race. No need to check in.

Offer expires at 8pm on Monday, July 22nd… after that, it’s gone forever

Click here to Register for your 6 Pack


OTH Merchandise Is Ready

2012 Over the Hump Merhandise is Ready


2011 Jersey and T-shirt is Here!

Get your 2011 Jersey and T-Shirt Now.


Custom Team Jersey – Save $100

Save on your Team’s Custom Jerseys with Hot Shoppe. Over the Hump is proud to have Hot Shoppe Designs making our jerseys here in San Clemente


Jersey and T-Shirts

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