2014 Season Finale Tuesday August 26

For our families, Summer is marked by the coming and going of Over the Hump, on Tuesdays!

It has been a fantastic run so far, and there’s one more tomorrow night. We cannot believe it’s here already.

The Finale Schedule:

4:00pm- Onsite Registration (Exhibition area with demos and raffle opportunities open)
5:30pm- Kid’s Race 6-11yrs
6:00pm- Race #12 is ONNNNNNN!
7:30pm- […] Read more

Sambazon Acai Not Dessert – It’s Power for Pedaling

Last year when I was 20 pounds heavier and looking for healthy ways to fuel, make calories count, and get creative with meals one choice my wife and I made was to include Sambazon’s Acai in our breakfast plan.  We started buying the frozen packs of Acai at Costco and making smoothies topped with fruit.  My brother had been an Acai proponent for years, but I never got it. Purple fruity ice cream had no draw to me. But turns out there’s a lot more.

Hans Rey, founder of Wheels 4 Life, hopping around Matt and Trail Angel’s Jacke Van Woerkem […] Read more