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How does the New Points System Improves Mountain Bike Race Competition at OTH this year?

Competition is important at OTH. Trumped only by the one obligatory requirement for every OTH racer birth to death: You must have fun. So how does this new scoring system improve the race to the biggest grin?

You can miss a race or 2, or jump in the series on the 3rd or 5th race of the season?

Vacationing with your family is an important part of summer.  Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Go ahead hit that vacation, if you only have 4, 6 or 9 races that you can make for the season they now count for the win. A few times in the past attendance and place were ranked in equal importance for the top podium steps for the series.  Regular racing will help your score. But now  you don’t have to choose missing your kid’s All-star soccer game, only daughter’s graduation, or the birth of your first born just to be competitive at OTH with our New Points System.

Bigger gap in points?

In previous seasons a one point gap meant people were literally one point off the 2nd step after a series race of 12 races…that made the predictability of the next week’s finish a simple deflation “I can’t make up that gap”. Buck up little camper…a top finish next week might just push you from 7th to 5th with the right placing combo for you and your fellow pedalers.

Top 10 are rewarded handsomely

Go ahead, Go hard….Yes you still have to BE NICE (or go home). Finish in the top 10 and your finishes count for multipliers in the new point structure.

Move ups no longer lose all their points.

So let’s say you raced Intermediate this past week, and actually improved so much since last season you finished 3-5 minutes ahead of your field…but you don’t risk losing all of your points…no problem. A score of 250 in half is still 125 points in your new class (the equivalent of finishing 6th in your move up class)…not sending you to the “Did not raced” category in the New Points System.

Best Cheaps🔥

  1. All scores are FINAL after the officials review the scores, and race outcome is determined. Racer will receive points in their race class. (Note: there are sometimes changes in finishes determined by official review the day after the race…review time is allowed until 5pm the day after the race in most cases unless stated on awards night). Any changes to standings on the website reflect the official results.
  2. In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by: The most firsts, then seconds, then thirds etc.
  3. If you change classes you will not be able to add your series points for both races, and will only be scored in each category raced.
  4. Racers who move up a class keep 1/2 points scored from lower class.
  5. CLASS SERIES CHAMPIONS are determined by total cumulative points. The scores of the best 9 out of 12 will be used (4 out of 6 races for Intermediate and Beginners). Points for finish positions are as follows:
    1. 250 points
    2. 200 points
    3. 160 points
    4. 150 points
    5. 140 points
    6. 130 points
    7. 120 points
    8. 110 points
    9. 100 points
    10. 95 points
    11. 90 points
    12. 85 points
    13. 80 points
    14. 78 points
    15. 76 points
    16. 74 points
    17. 72 points
    18. 70 points
    19. 68 points
    20. 66 points
    21. 64 points
    22. 62 points
    23. 60 points
    24. 58 points
    25. 56 points
    26. 54 points
    27. 52 points
    28. 50 points
    29. 48 points
    30. 46 points
    31. 44 points
    32. 42 points
    33. 40 points
    34. 38 points
    35. 36 points
    36. 34 points
    37. 32 points
    38. 30 points
    39. 29 points
    40. 28 points
    41. 27 points
    42. 26 points
    43. 25 points
    44. 24 points
    45. 23 points
    46. 22 points
    47. 21 points
    48. 20 points
    49. 19 points
    50. 18 points
    51. 17 points
    52. 16 points
    53. 15 points
    54. 14 points
    55. 13 points
    56. 12 points
    57. 11 points
    58. 10 points
    59. 9 points
    60. 8 points
    61. 3 points

The new points competition keeps the racing live, and engaging, while rewarding you for putting in the time, pushing your ability, racing in the right class, and committing the the whole series.Buy Pfizer Alprazolam

Best of luck this season. We’ll see you at the races.

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