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Michael Hyatt wrote “Buy Xanax Perth“…and the community of Over the Hump is just the place to get fired up. Make this Your Best Year Ever on the Bike.

New Racers: here’s the best news ever.

You don’t have to be awesome, you just have to show up! Your commitment and the people around you will make all the rest happen naturally.

Project Bike Love

Project Bike Love circles around the passion of empowering women in 3rd world countries by the power of the bike. It’s not always a bike goal, but it is the bike that brought them together.


Buy Alprazolam From Mexico

  • Level up. OTH is Guaranteed to make you faster (ask our local CTS Coaches)
  • Test Yourself to move up a class by the end of the season
  • Make it part of a goal to ride more regularly, or keep up with your friends on the weekend
  • Set a goal to lose 5 lbs

Hyatt, inspired me on a business and personal level. But I kept coming back to goals. Most of our community has a goal on the bike…so let’s go get it. Make this Your Best Year Ever on the Bike…Over the Hump is just the place.

I hear it all the time, “I want to ______(Fill in the blank).”  I’m as susceptible, in fact that’s how I got into riding my bike.  After a motorcycle crash in 2004, and 3 years of rehab, I started mountain biking (so I could get back to skiing). I had a goal…to ski.  What really kicked me into HIGH GEAR though was riding with friends. They were faster, better bike handlers, and rode often. So I jumped in with them.

Friends at Over the Hump push each other to get a little faster, but have a blast as they compete


Michael Hyatt quotes a favorite psychologist and speaker of mine,Henry Cloud. “Our peers matter. ‘Especially when it comes to self-improvement–like weight loss or overcoming an addiction–we need the energy of a community to stay with the program in a way that fuels us,’ (says Cloud). ‘Research has shown that if you are in a community that is getting healthy or overcoming something difficult your chances of success go way up. Positive energy is contagious.’ “



Buy Alprazolam From Mexico

  1. Ride better by riding with people who are better than you. Follow their line, match their cadence, learn to rest, recover and accelerate at the right times. Engage the Rock Garden without going OTB (Over the Bars).  Let’s be honest we start students and grow into teachers, so let the fun time with friends be a MTB University for you. How else will you learn how much Chamois Butt’r is the correct amount…gotta ride with others to learn this stuff.
  2. Ride more often, because your friends join you. Getting motivated in a vacuum is hard work…exercise is awesome, but we need to get the chamois on, and pedal…a commitment, a regular place, and a group of friends doing what you love together will make the pain stay at bay, and allow you to stick to it. Even if you don’t feel like exercising.
  3. Set the pace for overcoming the obstacles. Yep, bikes are awesome…but it’s the friends that keep us going. No matter what you are tackling this year, your community is gonna help you get through. Broken relationships, health problems, addiction, business goals, financial challenges, yep…riding a bike cuts the stress (cardio exercise creates endorphins for you to enjoy the burn), and allows you a side benefit of riding through the pain, thinking clearly, and having friends to process the challenges. Get over your Hump!
  4. Celebrate Life! Yes, just enjoy the victories and little battles won with friends. Friends you’ve met and ride with are often ones that share your same passions, and joys. Might as well bring your best bros and girlfriends out to meet more of the same. So let’s party! Ride a bike and smile…(most of the time…sometimes it hurts, but that makes the post-ride beer taste all that much better.

And when you do accomplish that goal, what’s next?

Seriously, the momentum you create this year at OTH is gonna be awesome…and once you see some little goals snowball you’ll rocket into more…and your friends will be there to help.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday May 8th at the first Over the Hump.

Ready to hit your goal? Join us.

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