Simple Green Family Night: One for the Record Books

This Season’s Simple Green Family Night was one of the Best We’ve Had!

Even Simple Green was getting in on the face painting fun!  Thats right, we had the Disneyland face painters out again this week.  Not to mention all of the amazing giveaways by Simple Green, Fullerton Bikes and Giant, Trek, Koyosho, Fox, Kawasaki, and more!

This was the biggest night for giveaways so far.  But the next two races are sure to one-up race #10 with full bikes being given away by Mazda (Specialized), Trek, Nirve, and $1,000 credits from Jamis. Make sure you are in attendance, you might just win too.


Tiny Tykes and Bikes Race


There is nothing cuter at OTH than seeing a ton of little ones line up to scoot their strider bikes down the course to the finish line.  We had all the kiddos line up and sent them on their way at 5:15.

The Kids Race

The Kid’s Race kicked off at 5:30 with some very fit parents running for the 2-3 miles of course with their kids.  Our hats are off to you friends!

Our Featured Shop: Fullerton Bikes and the Giant XTC Giveaway

Mike Franze and Fullerton Bikes always delivers at OTH.  This time, they gave away a bike to one lucky kid!  How awesome is that?

RC Race Car Giveaway by Kyosho

Kyosho had an awesome RC Car setup at the event.  It was such a hit, there was a line of kids waiting to try nearly all night long.

Three lucky winners got to take home their very own Kyosho RC Car.

Immediately after, we had 3 mini drones to give away and held a “planking” contest for the rest of the kids.  After holding a plank (yes that kind of plank, the ab workout) for nearly 6 minutes, the three kids left standing took home the consolation prizes.

This week’s Primes (Prize Lap): Kawasaki Swag and Whaoo’s Fish Tacos

Kawasaki showed up in a big way with shirts, cellphone cases, and insulated, metal water bottles.  Wahoos sweetened the pot even more with the addition of 4 free taco tickets to the prime winners!

Don’t know what a Prize Lap is?  Basically, you can win free stuff! This week, Muscle Monster was hooking up OTH racers with Backpacks.

Each week, the first person across the finish line for each class will win a premium prize at the end of the race.

This does a couple of cool things for the racer:

  1. If you aren’t super fast for the whole race, but can fly for the first lap, it gives you a realistic chance to win something awesome.
  2. It can totally change how the race feels for everyone.

Stay tuned next week for more details about the prize lap.




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