The Prizes Were Flowing at Race #8: Recap and Photos

From Two Brothers Racing, to Mazda, to SockGuy, OTH Race #8 was flowing with Prizes.  And Mazda Night next week will be even better!

This Tuesday was a summer night at Irvine Lake, a sea of smiling faces and the scene of families having fun at OTH.  From the get go, the night kicked off with a bang.

Mazda’s Fastest Lap winners this week were pulled from the the Elite categories, Two Brothers Racing (expert moto exhaust makers, owned by Craig Erion, our current Men’s 60+ class leader)  threw down some awesome snapback hats for the prize lap, and the Sock Guy Games gave our kids some ‘explosive’ fun with the inner tube inflation contest.

Next week is Mazda Night

Free digital photos to every racer courtesy of Mazda (taken by Mad Moose Media)  PLUS Mazda is giving away 2, $1000 RACE UPGRADE KITS.   

For the full recap, keep on scrolling.

Our Featured Shop: Bike Religion


Bike Religion was out onsite providing volunteers and support for the event.  If you haven’t seen it, we sat down with Shawn to talk training

The Prize Lap Made a Triumphant Return This Week!  Translation: Win Free Stuff for fastest 1st Lap Each Week

Two Brothers Racing is simply awesome and Craig has been supporting OTH for years.  Huge gratitude for TBR for always being there for the OTH family.

Don’t know what a Prize Lap is?  Basically, you can win free stuff! This week, Two Brothers Racing was hooking up OTH racers with Black Snapback Hats.

Each week, the first person across the finish line for each class will win a premium prize at the end of the race.

This does a couple of cool things for the racer:

  1. If you aren’t super fast for the whole race, but can fly for the first lap, it gives you a realistic chance to win something awesome.
  2. It can totally change how the race feels for everyone.

Stay tuned next week for more details about the prize lap.

The New Big Bike Class Switched Courses This Week and DID NOT Have to Do the Big Climb

If you have a big bike or a heavy bike, we’ve created a new class just for you.  This week the Big Bike Class hit the Beginner/Intermediate course and didn’t have to hit the big fire road climb.  There just might have been a collective sigh of relief for not having to lug those 35lb+ contraptions up the hill.

Mazda’s Fastest Lap Winners

Congrats to the winners of the Mazda fastest lap this week! This week’s winners will want to visit the Mazda booth next week for their swag bag.

Here’s this week’s winners:


We’ll be picking 2-3 new categories each week to be the Mazda fastest lap in their category!  Stay tuned and keep pedaling!


Sockguy Games: Inflate the Tube

Every week Sockguy is bringing you a series of fun contests (Foot down, bike jousting, fastest tire change, etc.) with tons of awesome prizes to go around.  Make sure to stick around after the event to jump in.

This week we ran a series of races to see who could inflate a bike inter-tube until it pops the fastest.  Prizes were given out to the winners of each heat.  All of the heats were kids.

One brave adult decided to compete against the clock to see how long it would take to blow up the inter-tube.

Current Record: 1:47 (Adult Male)

Rider Photos Available Next Week onsite. But you can see the Mad Moose Preview Gallery here.

Mad Moose will have the trailer out a Race #9 with all rider photos available for purchase.  Make sure to visit Mad Moose and see your entire gallery just by plugging in your number.



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