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Buy Ambien In The Uk

Race #6 marks the last race before the 4 week break AND the Men;s Beginner and Intermediate Podiums!  Check out all the fun.

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Incycle and Buy Soma With Mastercard were onsite at the venue with some awesome giveaways.  Incycle supplied all the cowbells that you heard ringing during the race, and C&F Foods was at it again this year with free giveaways of their awesome packaged organic foods.  Can anyone say lentils, brown rice, and quinoa?!?


Mazda’s Fastest Lap Winners

Congrats to the winners of the Buy Adipex Online Prescription fastest lap this week! This week’s winners will want to visit the Mazda booth next week for swag bag.

Here’s this week’s winners:

We’ll be picking 2-3 new categories each week to be the Mazda fastest lap in their category!  Stay tuned and keep pedaling!

Men’s Beginner and Intermediate Podiums

All AWESOME videos are provided by Order Xanax Legally Online.

Buy Ambien In The Uk

1st Place: Sam Buttler-Woodhouse (Buy Diazepam Uk 10Mg | Buy Zolpidem Tartrate 10 Mg Tablet)

2nd Place: Jonathan Flores

3rd Place: Cole Flores (Klonopin Price)

Beginner Men 39

1st Place: Brandon Morgan

2nd Place: Erik Lopez

3rd Place: Eric Fiorino

Beginner Men 49

1st Place: Fabian Tusso Grassini (Pcyclepaths)

2nd Place: Jamie Hernandez (Buy Diazepam In Spain)

3rd Place: David Stewart

 Beginner Men 50

1st Place: David Wolfe

2nd Place: Kris Moore

3rd Place: Jay Lochhead

Intermediate Men 29

1st Place: Cody Campbell

2nd Place: Cole Othmer (Buy Clonazepam 2Mg Uk)

3rd Place: Chandler Beeson

Intermediate Men 39

1st Place: Philip Gomez (Buy Valium Legally)

2nd Place: Shaun Johnson (Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg)

3rd Place: Chris Kilzer (Phentermine Generic Brands)

Intermediate Men 49

1st Place: Sean Milam (Redline | Buy Zithromax Online)

2nd Place: Tim Barr

3rd Place: Chris Messina (Buy Zopiclone Spain)

Intermediate Men 50

1st Place: John Flores

2nd Place: Mark Dooley (Cheap Ambien Online)

3rd Place: Kevin McCarthy (Order Generic Ambien)

Season 1 Rider Photos

Looking for your rider photos?  Buy Xanax In Houston has them at their trailer.  Mad Moose will be offering a season pass to all your HQ photos for the season on a flash drive at the end of each 6 week series for only $75.

You can grab free digital photos with the purchase of any print from Mad Moose at their trailer too!



  1. Jack Pouchet says:

    What happened to the Women’s Podium? Sure seems like a sexist move to not recognize their achievements.

    • Matt Wenger says:

      Sorry you feel that way Jack. It’s not that they are not being acknowledged, it’s simply that the Beginner Women is a 12 race class, acknowledging the top 5 in the Women’s beginner. Women’s Beginner is scored 9-12 as it has been historically over the past 9 seasons, along with majority of the classes (Clydes, Single Speed, Kids, Juniors, …and the list goes on). Nothing has changed.

      Here’s some backstory to help you understand our rules: Last season, when we concepted the idea of a 1/2 series it was based on the sheer volume of beginner men and needing a gap bridger from Beg Men to Sport Men. (Truth be told, men have been, historically, too apt to underestimate their ability or over-compete for a “beginner” trophy. so we (a team of 1 woman and 2 men) created the “1/2 series”. We have always had a 12 race series for women, because it has never been necessary to shorten the women’s series nor made sense to shove women up into sport mid-season.

      We do apologize for any lack of clarity, it may have been confusing, as we’ve mentioned “Beginner and Intermediate” awards without the “Men” qualifier along the way in a few social and digital mentions. That will be clarified going forward.

      It’s a bummer to hear your disappointment, we’d prefer to help people understand with civil direct conversations, and more than happy to engage any concerns. I can assure you, with a wife and 3 girls of my own, and John having a identical female to male ratio in his family, we would be ill-served to live a chauvinist story in our lives.

      The women’s classes are doing well and very well-matched in the competition this year; we’re excited to be able to award the top 5 podiums at the end of the 12 race series.

      Have a great weekend Jack. You’re more than welcome to contact us through phone, email, or any other method available on the website, as we’re happy to answer and serve our racing family.

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