The Week Before Over the Hump Schedule

Over the Hump Schedule this week. The week before is a big one, here’s what’s on tap, leading up to the season opener next Tuesday:

Tomorrow-Tuesday, May 2- 5:00-7:30pm – Trail work night.

This week it’s time to dial in the Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series race course…single track, and grooming the features.

Simple, and fun, but we need your help; bring your gloves, and a smile, and we’ll provide the dirt and weeds to move, as you make the best Over the Hump course in the history of the last 9 years.

Please RSVP EMail to Flint if possible

We’ll meet at the grass staging area-directions are located here:

Wednesday, May 3-11:00am- 6:00pm – Hooky workday (RSVP to get location details)

Trail work day (hooky if you can we’ll be doing some fun power tool clearing of the single track)-

Please RSVP EMail to Flint if possible


Saturday, May 6- 10:00am- 1:00pm – Plate Pick up at Tustin Mazda

Pre-register now, pick up on Sat May 6, then come play on opening night, May 9th.

Location: Tustin Mazda Dealership
28 Auto Center Dr
Tustin, CA 92782

Haven’t registered yet? Oh, friend, did we tell you how young Over the Hump makes grown adults feel.  At OTH we’re all just kids at heart!

Tuesday Evening, May 9th. Come Race with us at the Season “Grand Opener”

Fun-seekers we reunite next week.

Our biggest season ever kicks off Next Tuesday May 9th.

Come play like a kid, and hang with the most genuine, fun and (sometimes) fast playmates,  who have two things in common unifying all of us:

1) they have a pulse and 2) Mountain bikers tend to live great and grand adventures, whether it’s in the local hills or off to Sedona for a 72 hour epic “tour de ride and turn-around”

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday,


Your Family


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