2017 Junior Mountain Bike Racers Get New Class

2017 Junior Mountain Bike Racers Get a New Class in the upcoming season. While we believe in letting kids compete and have fun at the same time, the reality is at the ages of 12-15 there is such a huge gap between skill, fitness, and maturity, that we want it to be fun and competitive for everyone.

We are FUN Facilitators so how can we keep it fun?


Our Answer: Don’t separate Juniors by Age (Alone)

We’ve had Junior Mountain Bike Racers divided by girls and boys, and lumped into a 4 year class. But as with any plan, it is not perfect so we’ve added an “A” and “B” Jr class; creating 4 classes 2 for the girls and 2 for the boys. Racers may choose one of the two classes, based on their own skill and race ability, much like a JV and Varsity type system.

This Year Over the Hump Junior Mountain Bike Racers will be more equally matched with their peers, based on objective tangibles other than age.

Guide to Junior Mountain Bike Racers “A” / “B” choice.

Junior “B” Racers are ready to try racing:

  • New to racing, or just moving up from Kid’s 9-11 Over the Hump Class- plan to race.
  • Not fit enough to finish a beginner lap in approximately 20 minutes
  • Rarely ride or ride less than 30 minutes when they ride
  • Want the experience, but lack the confidence to spend an all out effort for 30-40 minutes.
  • Just got a mountain bike, and this is their chance to check out a fun casual place to ride with their buddies.
  • Don’t need gears, but might want them

Junior “A” Racers are ready to push themselves racing:

  1. Already racing somewhere (NICA, BMX, and other disciplines, or have tons of riding time in with mom or dad.)
  2. Are competitive and fit. Ready to ride 8 miles at an all out effort or close each beginner lap in approximately 20 minutes or less.
  3. Have a geared mountain bike (recommended)
  4. Understand how to pass other racers safely, and practice good sportsmanship as they encounter slower riders

What are the differences/similarities between Junior  “A” / “B” race classes?

  • Courses- Girl and Boy “A” racers will typically race two laps or twice the distance of the “B” classes (this is a guide not an unbreakable covenant)
  • Juniors race on the Beginner/Intermediate Course
  • All 4 Junior Classes will be awarded prizes 5 deep based on a 12 race series.  Girls and Boys in “A” and “B” groups will receive end of series points and prizes

Can the race directors move me up or down?

Yes, but we want you to choose what you’re most comfortable with initially.  But, truth is, not everyone knows where they should be until they try racing. So, pick a class for your first race day, then evaluate your race after you’re scored.  It’s no fun to not have competition, or push yourself to be better, so you can move; you may even be so good that the directors notice and encourage you to move up to the “A” class; while age is not a factor, ability and fitness do weigh into this move.

The reason we watch and weigh in when necessary is as simple as our racing mantra “Fun for Everyone”. We’re helping you, and at the same time helping the other riders in your class or another one have the very best, fun, competitive and even racing experience.

So whether you’re young and new to racing, or fast and Middle School NICA Champion, we’ve got a place for you to race, and looking forward seeing you this summer.



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