FREE CTS Mountain Bike Training Plans

These FREE CTS Mountain Bike Training Plans (Carmichael Training Plans) have been developed for the full spectrum of mountain bikers relative to your skills, fitness, and goals. Couch to billy goat climbers you’ll find your ticket to speed(ing up) here!



Mountain Bike Training plan

Ready-Set-Goal: Your FREE Training Plans are Here

CTS Created these 2 plans just for you, our Mid-Week Mountain Bike Racer: there is a 3 day Plan and a 5 day plan…beginning on Monday, April 17 and going though the first Tuesday, race, May 9th at our Season opener.

These Training plans will get your ready to go for you goal set at Over the Hump this Summer; regardless of your stage of race-readiness.

So Set your Goal and get on that bike, but it’s not just as easy as getting on a bike, you should be following some basic fitness tips to build, strengthen, optimize your fitness training time, and ultimately stay strong to get race ready, staying Injury Free.

Overall Goals for the Over The Hump Mountain Bike Training Plan:

The goal for this training plan is to prepare you for the Over The Hump Race Series. It is designed to be used by any athlete, those coming off the couch or a experienced racer. By the end of the plan you will have the aerobic engine and lactate threshold power to compete in and – more important – have a great day while racing the Over the Hump races!

The plan will start out with an aerobic focus and then add training sessions at and above your lactate threshold intensity. Power at lactate threshold is one of the most responsive aspects of endurance fitness, meaning a measurable improvement in this area is achievable during the span of this program and will have a noticeably positive effect on your performance!

3 Key Notes As you follow this plan (do these):

  1. Follow the plan.
  2. Be consistent (try to avoid skipping days)
  3. Rest means rest, so take the day off of when the schedule calls for. Using a road or mountain bike is fine for training, but we encourage you to spend the weekend efforts on the mountain bike to get used to the handling at speed and comfort on the bike.

Don’t miss the best MTB Event of the season!

Race #1 May 9th

Here’s a preview of the first day’s efforts included in the FREE CTS Mountain Bike Training Plans:

mountain bike training plans

Download your FREE CTS Mountain Bike Training Plans:


Begin your best cycling race season of your life!






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