A Note to OTH Parents


Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for taking me to Over the Hump kid’s race.  Since I was 6 you’ve taken me to the best bike party, with Churros and prizes and bikes! What got a little weird for me, Mom, was when Davey told me he is faster than me, and you gave him the “LOSER” sign and spit on his front tire.   NOT COOL!

Look, I smile when you cheer me on at Over The Hump!  We get to ride together, and I can’t thank you enough for driving me and my bike to Irvine Lake every week to race.  I know you love me…but you have to STOP!!!! 

STOP embarrassing me.  You guys are EXTRA embarrassing… Not like nerdy, just really , really bad embarrassing.

Come on. Two years ago the T-shirt that said, “my kid is going to crush you” and “That’s my kid that ran you off the trail” were silly….and DAD I would not do that anyway. But…

Dad, during the finale, when you used your hockey stick trying to hook kids wheels and knock them over, that wasn’t cool. Thank God they handle their bike better than you Dad.  You were so mad, but it’s not their fault for not having proper bike handling skills and avoiding your hockey stick.

You are making it hard for me to make friends.  That’s what I am TRYING to do.

Mom, when you tackled the Red Monkey guy for “cheating” and getting a “false start” I wanted to jump in the pond and hide.   Just so you know, he leads us out on the kids race every week so we know where to go.  And no Dad, you can’t bribe him with bananas.

But the most embarrassing thing by far was when you yelled at the people who time the race last week.  I’m out here to have fun.  I’m a kid and I won’t always be this young.  I understand that goals are important, but I’m making positive friends and learning skills that are much larger than just mountain bike racing.

You love me. You want me to win. I want to win, too.  But here’s this year’s rules.

Cheer for me with a smile…jump up and down….and make friends with other parents too…then we can go for a ride with other families on Saturday.

It’s really pretty simple…Over the Hump is fun for me, just as it is, and if you plan to leave the car this season I expect you to behave.

Love your Son,

Bryan – Age 8

Oh and PS: Dad thumbtacks on the course, really?  Act like a kid, not a spoiled Golf pro.


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