Race #12 Recap – Last Race 2016


Well folks, this is it for the 2016 season and we are all still buzzing with excitement from the closing ceremonies at OTH.  This season was the first season including the New Intermediate Class and it was a HUGE HIT!  Thank you to everyone for making this year the best Over the Hump series yet!!

Featured Shop this Week – The Path Bike Shop

The Path brought a bit of Hawaiian flair to race #12 this week and made sure plenty of people got leied.  You know, the floral Hawaiian necklace.  Thanks to all the people from The Path and all their hard work this week!



Matt and John had a special presentation for racers that have been with us from the very first Over the Hump Race.

Last Race 2016

OTH Ambassador Awards

This year OTH and Troy Lee Designs gave away two custom painted helmets to a male and female cyclist that best embodies what it means to be an OTH Ambassador.  Congratulations to Leslie Williams (3rd place Elite Women) and Jeff Laubshcer (3rd Place Clydesdales) for their dedication to the sport of cycling and for being awesome!

2016 Series Winners

Kids (9-11 Girls)

Kids (Girls 9-11)

1st: Ava Fong, 2nd: Linsey Gist, 3rd: Claire Timmermans, 4th: Faith Estrada, 5th: Zoe Hickman

Kids (9-11 Boys)


1st: Ryan Holmes, 2nd: Jaymes Avina, 3rd: Jackson Carlos, 4th: Reese Neuer, 5th: Eric Nam

Junior Girls (12-15)


1st: Elizabeth Harita, 2nd: Skylar Conway, 3rd: Lucy Lundell, 4th: Lauren Lopez, 5th: Emma Joy Timmermans

Junior Boys (12-15)


1st: Evan Eisenhart, 2nd John Chriestenson, 3rd: Brandon Thede, 4th: Hayden Metz, 5th: Cole Ridenour

Beginner Women


1st: Taylor Saul, 2nd: Karlene Rahn, 3rd: Zabrina Guizar

Beginner Men (50+)


1st: Kurt Wiemann, 2nd: Peter Dicky, 3rd: Wayne Reid

Beginner Men 49


1st: Edgars Gulbis, 2nd: Jeffrey Volkmer, 3rd: Rodney Gist

Beginner Men 39


1st: Cody Hull, 2nd: Kevin Record, 3rd: Shaun Johnson

Beginner Men 29


1st: Cody Campbell, 2nd: Chandler Beeson, 3rd: Ethan Cannady

Intermediate 50


1st: Dean McNicol, 2nd: David Winston, 3rd: Sidney Harris

Intermediate 49


1st: Matt McCormick, 2nd: Tony Amaradio, 3rd: John Walsh

Intermediate 39


1st: Danny Catena, 2nd: Freddy Andersen, 3rd: Suvachai Watanasirusuk

Intermediate 29


1st: Evan Mansfield, 2nd: Alexander Schanz, 3rd: Tim Tunnermann

Sport Women


1st: Brianne Varela, 2nd: Staci Foster, 3rd: Charlene Yarnall, 4th: Danielle Emter, 5th: Shelby Kawell

Men 60+ (Open)


1st: Michael McHenry, 2nd: Rich Fersch, 3rd: Craig Erion, 4th: Jim Schmitt, 5th: Mike Benedict



1st: Abraham Rodriguez, 2nd: John Stalker, 3rd: Jeff Laubscher, 4th: Eric Maurer, 5th: Greg Sellers

Sport Men 50


1st: Alex Mansfield, 2nd: David Matea, 3rd: Daniel Jordan, 4th: Greg Brown, 5th: Robert Sima

Sport Men 49


1st: Bill Pointer, 2nd: Jeff Prinz, 3rd: Greg Lasiewski, 4th: Shahe Kassardjian, 5th: Brian Sant



Sport Men 39


1st: Nick Despras, 2nd: Ruben Torres, 3rd: Clint Allen, 4th: Michael Camp, 5th: Brian Davis

Sport Men 29


1st: Brandon Kooiman, 2nd: Cade Calonder, 3rd: Matt Cerami, 4th: Philip Nadaskai, 5th: Ryan Nitzen

Single Speed


1st: Chris Heinrich, 2nd: Nathan Adams, 3rd: Josh Oskins

Super Sport Masters


1st: Theodore Posch, 2nd: Jiri Kozesnik, 3rd: Kenny Clifton, 4th: Mike Franze, 5th: Jeff Davis


Super Sport 2


1st: Bill Harris, 2nd: Dave Ondas, 3rd: Ara Papazian, 4th: Matt Howard, 5th: Tony Solliday

Super Sport 1


1st: Trevor Hunter, 2nd: Aidan Epp, 3rd: Turner Conway, 4th: Sheldon Pryor, 5th: Blaise Janssen

Elite Women


1st: Laura Morris, 2nd: Leslie Williams, 3rd: Brooke McFerren, 4th: Courtney Wiseman, 5th: Erin Machan

Elite Men – Masters


1st: Emilio Cervantes, 2nd: Espen Kateraas, 3rd: Chad Jarrett, 4th: Rhio Griego, 5th: Mark Christopherson

Elite Men


1st: Alfred Pacheco, 2nd: Brandon Gritters, 3rd: Steve Bobrofsky



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