Photos of July 28 with Hans Rey and Wheels 4 Life

Special Thanks to PB Creative’s Phil Beckman for joining us for last nights race. He captured some great racing, and the after-party in the exhibit area afterwards. This is just a preview! Want to see the rest of the photos?

Keep your eyes peeled for an update: The link will be HERE When the photos are loaded, your race photos will be to view and purchase.

Out on the course, the Beginner’s Series #2 began last night, as well as our first race back after a 5 week break.  The top 3 from Beginner Series #1 departed the class, to try themselves in a longer Sport course,  another lap, and more difficult features and terrain.


Beginners kick off the 2nd Beginner Series of the summer, on Tuesday Night.

Tuesday Racers rode into a new and remodeled race course, after July’s fire that consumed the North portion of the trail, alongside Irvine Lake.  While it gave the course manager some fun challenges, Rich pulled off quite a feat linking in a new mile, replacing the lost terrain, along with hooking in the long-lost back hill climb to gain some painful elevation.

After the race, there as even more fun.  After 7 seasons, quite possibly one of the 4 best adds to Over the Hump is supporting one of our favorite friends, and his charity.

Hans Wheels 4 Life

Hans Rey explains the mission of Wheels 4 Life!

Tuesday, Hans and Carmen Rey, and Team Wheels 4 Life staged their annual OTH Bake Sale, and raised $800 towards the cause.  Hans Rey started Wheels 4 Life, 10 years ago. Their mission, to give bikes to people in developing nations, in order to improve their quality of life and an opportunity to have real transportation. Effectively, a toy for us, a bike is a means of provision and health for them.

At the end of the night, Turner Conway for Fullerton Bikes, got the Win in the “Circle of Death-Last Man Standing”, after 2 knock off rounds. Because of the win, Fullerton, is playing host to the Oakley Factory Pilot Trophy this week.

They he got the chance to take on Trials Champion Hans Rey, in  a head to head hop-off. It was so fun to watch…a race, within the OTH race;  as 400 people looked on, Hans went in for the kill with our version of “Fight Club”. The good news:

At the end of the night, we saw hundreds of people rolling out with smiles on their faces.

Thanks to Pure Ride Cycles, who pulled out all the stops to keep things fun,  with games of Bean Bag “Corn Hole” and a Giant Jenga.


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